Privat Spa Hydro Massage "The spice of life"

25 mn. of Privat Bath Spa Hydro Massage "The Spice of Life", series of sea urchin snack 60€ two people taxes included.

Jogging suit and towels facilitated. For its private character, the Spa is made only under reservation of hour with at least 24 hours in advance.

Placed in our garden, beside the small pool, a journey towards the well-being, in the Privat Spa Hydro Massage (of exclusive use) "The Spice of Life". The Bath Spa Hydro Massage The Spice of Life is carried out through a special bath of sea salt. The salt contains almost all the oligo elements of that the good functioning, of the body depends, highlighting contained high theirs I iodize. This, enriches the environment with negative ions and balances the excess of the ions positive, harmful to the health.

Also suitable in complementary treatments to fight against allergic infirmities of the respiratory device and also for the migraine or persons that they work as dust or toxins in a polluted environment. The purifying action and still of the lungs is one of main qualities, it's useful against the depressions.

Thanks to the fact of being under cover, to control water temperature, and to jogging suits provided in your room, the spa can be used both summer and winter.

Placed in the garden, a pleasant hut of wood, it guards a modern big spa with capacity of until seven persons, but to be enjoyed privately, one guaranteeing senior calmness and exclusiveness.

With aquatic lighting for multicolour leds multiple canviants, 4 jets of water, 9 huge and 8 direct, and foldable heads for a comfortable rest.

The access is not allowed women in state of gestation nor to minors of 16 years.